Live in the Grey

Life and work are not black and white

Cristian Joe · 21 May 2013

For 4 years I slaved away at a job I dreaded prior to mustering the courage to quit with absolutely no backup plan (no savings, no mummy or daddy...zilch). I decided at that moment to only work doing things I loved.

For 3 months I hunted “web design” jobs on Craigslist and undercut everyone by developing websites for free. I eventually made some contacts nice enough to pay for my amateur dev skills but it was barely enough to pay rent. I was broke and scared but I loved every minute I got to create something new for a small company or individual. Eventually I landed some key internships (yes I was a 26yr old intern) and was offered an entry level role at one of the most enjoyable places I’ll probably ever work. I was lucky enough to have managers that were excellent at their craft but never took themselves too seriously. They offered me numerous projects with increased complexity yet neither I nor my teammates dreaded putting in 60+ hours a week when it was required. We blurred the lines between work and play and that experience solidified how I want live and work going forward.

Three years later I’m now employed by a firm that lets me define my work schedule, define my role, choose my location..shit.. even define my title. Whether you realize it or not your ‘work’ is probably always present, can be done at almost anytime and if its white collar can be completed from most likely anywhere. Why wait until you retire to enjoy the spoils of your hard work, is the final destination more important than the journey?

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