Getting a job

Cristian Joe · 13 May 2011

I’ve spent many years interviewing, analyzing and generally trying to size up potential co-workers and employees. It’s extremely hard to gauge a persons skills through a resume and an hour of questions.¬† The process I’ve been trying to instill at my current employer and all my little side projects involves letting the candidates work speak for itself. While personality, drive, and intellect all have an influence in my final decision , if your work sucks its a no no.

Demonstrate that you know your craft-

Have on online portfolio that displays your best work and leave out all the nonsense, explain what your role was in the project and focus on the results your additions helped create.

Write about your area of expertise, I’m currently looking for lawyers that have experience dealing with streaming media rights and I found my top candidate through his blog.

Have multiple quality references that can back up what you claim on that piece of paper.

Show me that you want to work for my firm or for me-

Know your target, don’t just read an article about your potential employer. Conduct some serious research, learn about the firms issues/pain points and try to find a way in which you can use your abilities to help them solve them. Read as many articles as you can, find previous employees, ask questions etc. I feel all potential employees have a couple of ‘Dream Firms’¬† be prepared when the chance to join that company arrives.

Be honest, direct and authentic– Keep the bullshit at home

I want to learn from you – Teach me something, give me some ideas, as early as our first interview you should begin asking questions and figuring out ways to improve the current process/structure/ whatever. I only surround myself with people smarter than me. If its a start-up situation you should know more about your potential role than me, either because you’ve been doing it forever or you generally love doing x,y,z.

Only do what you love – My argument is if you love what you do , you will naturally become great at it. Unfortunately not many people have the balls to quit a job that’s paying them well but they hate. Life is short and your job will likely consume most of it, try to do something¬† you like.